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Big weekend with Kaiju Big Battel!


Just remind you, Kaiju Big Battel have two shows this weekend. Yes, TWO shows.

Night #1) 10/14 (FRI) at Warsaw, Brooklyn, NY. Show starts at 8:00PM. Tickets are available here.

Night #2) 10/16 (Sun) at  Union Transfer, Philly, PA. Show starts at 7:00PM. Tickets are available here.

What you can’t miss from these shows are…Munenori Sawa!! He is retiring from wrestling  in November but he is coming to US just to wrestle at Kaiju Bih Battel. Last time when he got lost in NYC, he had unexpected attacks from some of Kaiju. He’s been training so hard to beat them, and beat Dr.Cube since then. You ‘ll be a witness for this unforgettable night!

You can’t miss these highlight of his career – big fighto with Dr.Cube! Be there and be a witness!!

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Commando Bolshoi, Meiko Satomura and Mayumi Ozaki were added to JoshiMania!

In addition to Aja Kong, Manami Toyota and Toshie Uematsu, Commando Bolshoi (JWP), Meiko Satomura (Sendai Girls’ Pro Wrestling) and Mayumi Ozaki (Oz Academy) were added to JoshiMania Roaster.

Commando Bolshoi is a president of JWP and famous for her great Lucha technics. She is considered to be the best Japanese Luchadora. This November, she will make her 20 year anniversary as a pro wrestler. You can’t miss her one of a kind in-ring action!

Meiko Satomura is a president of Sendai Girls. She was trained by Chigusa Nagayo (former Crush Girls) and made her pro debut at age of 15. She is famous for her hard trainings (for herself and as a trainer). Her ‘strong style’ cannot be made without her tough training. Who will she beat here in US?

Mayumi Ozaki is a president of Oz Academy. It’s her 25 years anniversary this year and she is a life-long heel. She is famous as the first joshi to challenge light tube death match, and famous for her rough fight. Also she is known as technical wrestler and has lots of signature moves.  Who will be her victim at JoshiMania?

JoshiMania will be held on December 2 (Fri) in Philly, 3 (Sat) in Everett, MA and 4 (Sun) in NYC. Full details are not revealed yet but please check at chikarapro.com or check back here at m-drop.com. Tickets are already on sale!

JoshiMania – Night 1
Friday, December 2nd
The Asylum Arena
7 West Ritner Street in South Philadelphia, PA

JoshiMania – Night 2
Saturday, December 3rd
Everett Rec Center
47 Elm Street in Everett, MA

JoshiMania – Night 3
Sunday, December 4th
The Highline Ballroom
431 W. 16th Street in Manhattan, NY

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Munenori Sawa Original T-shirt (Qtty Limited!)/澤宗紀US版Tシャツ限定販売!



As we announced before, Munenori Sawa will be retiring in November.  We sell his original US version T-shirt online while supplies last.
There will be no re-print so please order ASAP!
This T-shirt will be sold at EVOLVE and Kaiju Big Battel shows in October but there is NO Guarantee shirts are left until shows. If you want it, make sure to order it now!!
T-shirt is designed by Hardcore Chocolate (his main designer in Japan).

Size : Small, Medium, Large, X-large We have 10 Large only!
Body Color : Black
Price : US$25 (for customers in US), US$30 (for customers outside US)
*shipping fee is included
Payment : Master, Visa, American Express, Discover, Paypal
Shipment : Within 2 days exclude Sat, Sun & holidays, Shipped from USA

Please order by above Contact Us form. Again, only 10 Large shirt left!



サイズ  : S M ・ L ・ XL (いずれもアメリカサイズ) 残りLサイズ10枚のみ!ご注文は上記 CONTACT US からどうぞ!
カラー  : 黒
価格   : US$30  (アメリカからの発送料金込み)
支払い方法 : クレジットカード (マスター、VISA、アメックス、JCB)* 銀行振込をご希望の方は事前にCONTACT USよりお問い合わせ下さい。
発送時期 : 入金確認後、二日以内 (土日祝日を除く)

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Munenori Sawa vs. Sami Callihan set to EVOLVE 10!! /EVOLVE 10で澤宗紀 vs. サミ・キャラハン決定!!


It’s Official! EVOLVE 10 : Callihan vs Sawa will take place on October 15th at Ace Arena in NJ. The main event will be Munenori Sawa’s United States retirement match as he battles Sami Callihan. More info on the show will be announced in this week’s Email News Express at EVOLVEwrestling.com. Also this show will be on live iPPV at WWNLive.com!

EVOLVEのレギュラー(過去にEVOLVE 1、EVOLVE 5に参戦)として、アメリカのファンから絶大な人気を得ている澤宗紀。その澤のアメリカでの引退試合が遂に決まった。メインイベントで、アメリカインディープロレス界若手のトップのであるサミ・キャリハンとの対戦。サミといえば未だに来日しておらず、日本人にとっては未知の強豪。但し前回のEVOLVE 9ではあのデイブ・フィンレー相手に素晴らしい試合を展開し、澤の相手に不足はない。またこの試合はライブiPPVとしてWWNLive.comで全世界に配信されることも決定。詳細は追って明らかになるとのことだが、10月15日(土)夜(日本時間10月16日朝)の予定は開けておいた方がいいかも?!

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【名前】エディ・キングストン 【レスラー歴】8年 【身長】180㎝ 【体重】103㎏ 【得意技】ヤクザキック、バックドロップ・ドライバー、裏拳 【タイトル歴】CZW世界ヘビー、IWAミッドサウスヘビー 【好きなお酒】ウォッカ 【好きなレスラー】蝶野正洋


【名前】ファイヤー・アント 【レスラー歴】6年 【身長】170㎝ 【体重】75㎏ 【得意技】ファイヤーマンズ・キャリービーチ・ブレイク、ヒート・オブ・ザ・モーメント(ダイビング延髄斬り) 【タイトル歴】ヤングライオンズカップ6優勝、キング・オブ・トリオス2011優勝、CHIKARAタッグ王座(withソルジャー・アント) 【好きなお酒】ノーコメント 【好きなレスラー】ノーコメント


【名前】グリーン・アント 【レスラー歴】2年 【身長】188㎝ 【体重】84㎏ 【得意技】テキサス・クローバーホールド、トペ・スイシーダ、フライング・スプラッシュ、サブミッションホールド 【タイトル歴】キング・オブ・トリオス2011優勝 【好きなお酒】アリが好む飲み物ならなんでも 【好きなレスラー】桜庭和志

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