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Munenori Sawa Original T-shirt (Qtty Limited!)/澤宗紀US版Tシャツ限定販売!



As we announced before, Munenori Sawa will be retiring in November.  We sell his original US version T-shirt online while supplies last.
There will be no re-print so please order ASAP!
This T-shirt will be sold at EVOLVE and Kaiju Big Battel shows in October but there is NO Guarantee shirts are left until shows. If you want it, make sure to order it now!!
T-shirt is designed by Hardcore Chocolate (his main designer in Japan).

Size : Small, Medium, Large, X-large We have 10 Large only!
Body Color : Black
Price : US$25 (for customers in US), US$30 (for customers outside US)
*shipping fee is included
Payment : Master, Visa, American Express, Discover, Paypal
Shipment : Within 2 days exclude Sat, Sun & holidays, Shipped from USA

Please order by above Contact Us form. Again, only 10 Large shirt left!



サイズ  : S M ・ L ・ XL (いずれもアメリカサイズ) 残りLサイズ10枚のみ!ご注文は上記 CONTACT US からどうぞ!
カラー  : 黒
価格   : US$30  (アメリカからの発送料金込み)
支払い方法 : クレジットカード (マスター、VISA、アメックス、JCB)* 銀行振込をご希望の方は事前にCONTACT USよりお問い合わせ下さい。
発送時期 : 入金確認後、二日以内 (土日祝日を除く)

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Munenori Sawa announced Retirement


Munenori Sawa made an announcement of his retirement on Battlarts 8/21 show. His official retirement will be couple of days after Battlarts Final show (11/5 at Shinjuku Face).

Sawa’s comment: My motivation on being a pro-wrestler is to make Battlarts bigger and better. I devoted all my life to Battlarts since my mid 20s until now. Unfortunately Battlarts will be closed soon. Pro-wrestler Munenori Sawa must belong to Battlarts where I love a lot. Pro-wrestler Munenori Sawa cannot exist without Battlars. Also my motto is “too much is the best for me” but  I’ve been doing too much and my body cannot stand this anymore. So, I decided to retire from wrestling.  Now I will try my best  to make Battlarts’ final show a big success. I thought to make my retirement on the same day as Battlarts end, but 11/5 is the day Battlarts ends, so I will make my retirements couple of days later Battlarts ends.

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先ずはバッグから。ものすごい数のミッキー柄がデザインされた旅行バッグとショルダーバッグ。大のディズニー(特にドナルド)好きとのこと。女性ものでも違和感なし。ジェンダーレスにもほどがある。上はチェッカーボード柄のキャップにショッキングピンクのサングラス。街行くニューヨーカーの視線を独り占めである。そして『アイダホ ミネソタ ミシシッピ』のばってん多摩川Tシャツを大胆にチョイス。アメカジの新しい流れを感じさせる。


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Munenori Sawa

Name : Munenori Sawa

Birthday : April 20, 1979

Birthplace : Tokyo

Height/Weight : 5’7” (174 cm), 176 lbs (80 kg)

Current affiliation : Battlarts

Debut : August 31, 2003 (vs. Nagase Kancho)

Championships and Accomplishments : NWA Intercontinental Tag Team Championship,  NWA Intercontinental Tag Team Championship, DDT Ironman Heavy Metal Championship, CMLL KO-D Tag Team Championship

Signature moves : Omanji Gatame (Octopus Hold), Shining Wizard, Irabu Punch (Wind‐up Pitching Punch), Dragon Screw

Munenori Sawa played amateur wrestling in high school. In 1998, after he was graduated from high school, he joined amateur Battlarts (called B-Club).  However he didn’t pursue wrestling in college but engaged in theater performance.In 2000, he joined Snakepit Japan. He got a job at TV ad production company but resign in 2 weeks.

In 2002, he made a MMA debut at Kibgdom Ehrgeiz. In 2003, he made a pro-wrestling debut vs Nagase Kancho at Tama prowresting. He was a maskman called Flash Third. Then he joined Pro wrestling r, and wrestled International Pro Wrestling and Asian Sports Promotion.

In 2005, he won at All-Japan Combat Wrestling Open Championship (although there were only 3 competitors including Sawa). He also returned to Battlarts in 2005, and made re-debut for Battlarts vs Daisuke Sekimoto. In 2006, he made a tag with Yuki Ishikawa (which he was longing for a long time) and wrestled at Big Mouth Loud.

In December 2006, he wrestled against Kota Ibushi at Indy Summit but he suffered at infraction fracture rib during the match. One month later, he came back from the broken rib at Zero1-Max. Also he won against Yuki Ishikawa in June 2007 at first IGF show. This is the first time he won over his trainer, Yuki Ishikawa.

In September 2009, he suffered from cervical hernia and took a month break. On his comeback match against Kohei Sato & Kamikaze, he & his tag partner, Ikuto Hidaka, retained NWA Intercontinental Tag Team Championship. On January 17, 2010, he made US debut at EVOLVE1 against TJP, and retained his first winning in US by Omanji-Gatame.

He has few other characters. Famous one is Lingerie Muto, which he wears skinhead wig and women’s underwewar and does Keiji Muto’s moves. Also SAWACO is another funny character which is limited to women’s wrestling matches.

He is a big fan of Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao who are very famous actors from Hong Kong.

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Keita Yano

Name : Keita Yano

Birthday : Jan 9, 1988

Birthplace : Osaka

Height/Weight : 5’9”, 178 lbs (81 kg)

Current affiliation : Battlarts

Debut : Feb 25, 2007

Signature moves : Keichan Bomber (Lariat), Larsson (Modified Shoulder Hold), Clutch in The House, Yurikamome (Modified Shoulder Hold)

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