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Kota Ibushi vs Kenny Omega – Irregular 2/3 fall on Aug.6


No need to explain…just WATCH THIS!!

Kota Ibushi vs Kenny Omega

You can find the details of this match at:


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飯伏幸太vsケニー・オメガ 試合後のコメント / Post match comment from Kota Ibushi & Kenny Omega



■高木三四郎 コメント

■飯伏幸太 試合後のコメント

■ケニー・オメガ 試合後のコメント

■ケニー・オオカ コメント


Okay, we got comments from Sanshiro Takagi (president of DDT), Kota Ibushi, Kenny Omega and Kenny Ohka after the legendary match.

■Sanshiro Takagi

“It was the most craziest match I’ve ever seen. Every move in and out of the ring was totally amazing. Although Kenny lost the match, I believe he gets lots of applause and attention from Japanese fans in just one night. I was so thrilled to watch the match. I will wrestle against Kenny on Sunday with “Street fight-anywhere fall” match for my Extreme Championship as ex.King of out-of-the-ring match. I promise to retain the belt. Everbody, get ready!”

■Kota Ibushi

“Kenny Omega is an AWESOME wrestler! Power, speed, craziness, intelligence – everything is perfect. He is really a nice guy! He is the real Pro-wrestler. I couldn’t keep up with him during the match actually. Also I felt something common between us. It’s like “Yes! That’s it!!” He was great not only out of the ring but in the ring. I lost my memory after Michinoku Driver and then I noticed I was in the ring – now I’m pretty sure Michinoku Driver on the road is very dangerous! Also I noticed fans were crazy as well. I’m so glad Pres. Takagi told me it was legendary match. I love Kenny Omega! He’s great!”

■Kenny Omega

“To be honest with you, I was a little bit nervous before the match as this is the one against Kota Ibushi. But I am so glad that we had a great match tonight. Ibushi is an awesome wrestler as I thought. And I feel we understood each other from the bottom of our heart after this great match and we are now best friends. I want to team up with him and wrestle together!”

■Kenny Ohka

“Ibushi and Kenny did a legendary match tonight. Not only DDT history but whole”

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DDT Beer Garden Night #3 (Aug. 6) – Kenny Omega match details


DDT Beer Garden Night #3 (Aug. 6) – Kenny Omega match details

I talked to several people who actually attended the show, and everybody said it was AWESOME! Actually they said this was “more than awesome”. Many of them say it was the best match they’ve ever seen. I’m very jealous to Japanese fans that they could see it live! Okay, here’s the details :

2.jpg  3.jpg
As soon as match starts, there was a big Omega call – wait a minute?! This is his 2nd match but how can he be so popular?! Match started with typical ground wrestling moves – lockups, taking backs & necks etc. Then Kenny took Ibushi’s arm but Ibushi escaped. Kenny tried to headlock but Ibushi hold Kenny’s legs and Kenny was down to the ring. Ibushi threw Kenny to the corner and tried to tackle but Kenny dodged by backflip. Then strong elbow rush from both side and Kenny said “Outside!”. This was the start of “out-of-ring” match.

They dragged each other and went outside. First of all, kicks & elbows in front of vendors for a while. Then Kenny set a chair and face crushered Ibushi onto the chair, then famous Tony Jaa (running double knee strike with opponents on chair) to Ibushi! Then Kenny gave Michinoku Driver onto chair! Ibushi escaped at count 2. Then Kenny delivered another Michinoku Driver onto a pile of chairs and got 3 counts. So the 1st win went to Kenny. (match time 7:10 by Michinoku Driver on street).

16.jpg 11.jpg 13.jpg

Kenny dragged Ibushi and tried to take him to the ring. As I mentioned before, this is irregular 2/3 fall match and must take 1 fall in the ring and 1 fall out of ring to win this match. Once Ibushi stood up, he backdropped Kenny on to chairs. Then Ibushi gave elbow rush. Ibushi gave a low kick but Kenny dodged. Ibushi gave standing Moonsalt on to Kenny who was laid on the street! But this was count 2. Then Ibushi set the table, laid down Kenny onto the table, and climbed up to the vending machine and PHOENIX SPLASH FROM THE TOP OF VENDING MACHINE!!!

 15.jpg 19.jpg

This was the most insane move during the match. Of course Kenny couldn’t wake up from this crazy move, and Ibushi won this 2nd fall. (match time 9:38 by Phoenix Splash from vending machine).
Now the match is tie with 1 – 1 from the ‘out of the ring’, so they went back to the ring for the last 1 fall.
Kenny went back to the ring first and delivered Tope Con Hilo dive to Ibushi who was still in the ramp.


Both of them went back to the ring, and Kenny gave Ibushi Electric Chair German Suplex. But count 2. Kenny stood on the corner post. Ibushi tried to catch Kenny and finally overhead kick to Kenny. Ibushi tried Brainbuster but Kenny tried to switch to Powerbomb, but Ibushi changed it to  Huracanrana. Kenny was laying on the ring then Ibushi did Moonsault & Moonsault! Ibushi hold Kenny from the back and tried to Full Nelson but Kenny blocked. Then Ibushi gave Kenny slaps, low kicks and sobats. Then Kenny did Stop! Enzuigiri, and and Ibushi did Stop! Spin-kick.

29.jpg 32.jpg

Then Ibushi gave Dragon Suplex to Kenny but it was count 2. Kenny delivered Hadouken but Ibushi escaped from it. Then Kenny delivered ANOTHER HADOUKEN and striked Ibushi. Wow, double Hadouken!!


However, this was count 2. Then cross-legged fisherman’s suplex by Kenny and climbed top rope. But Ibushi followed him and dragon suplex from the top rope! Then Ibushi’s buzzsaw kick rush to Kenny and took the last fall (match time 17:42 by buzzsaw kick rush).

36.jpg 39.jpg 41.jpg


Well, some of you may know but Japanese people watch wrestling very quietly (compared to US fans) so they don’t rarely get so excited but this night was exceptional! They were so excited and went nuts. This is because the match was soooo good. We usually run this site in Japanese so I guess most of you can’t read it but we are always saying we are huge mark on Kota Ibushi and Kenny Omega. So this is a dream match for us and that’s one reason why we are working so hard on this Kenny’s Japan tour. Both of them have so many things in common. Physically, they are almost the same size. Both of them are from small promotion. They learned wrestling on their own. They have martial arts background etc. But these are small common points. Most important thing is, both of them have “great potential” and “great charisma” in the ring. I was sure this match was gonna be crazy one (I mean, in a good way) but seems like this one was more than just “crazy”. I hope you guys enjoyed this match review.

*This review is based on Extreme Party. Please visit them for more pictures.

【writer: Shiori】

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Kenny Omega result in Japan – DDT Beer Garden Night #3, (Aug. 6)


DDT Beer Garden Night #3 (August 6) – Kenny Omega result

*Irregular 2/3 fall – King of Off-Ring March! (must take 1 fall in the ring and 1 out of the ring)

Kota Ibushi (○)vs Kenny Omega (X)

1 : Kenny – Michinoku Driver II on chairs & boards on street
2 : Ibushi – Phoenix Splash from the top of vending machine (?!)
3 : Ibushi – buzzsaw kick rush

They say it was crazy, sick, extremely awesome match!
I’ll update details once available.

【writer: Shiori】

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ROH日本公演詳細・その4 / ROH Japan tour 2008#4





ROH日本公演 於:ディファ有明
9月14日 16時試合開始

ナイジェル・マクギネス(王者)対 ジミー・ジェイコブス(挑戦者)

金丸 義信 対 ブライアン・ダニエルソン

丸藤 正道 & 中島 勝彦 対 KENTA & 飯伏 幸太

■健介オフィス 対 ROH
佐々木 健介 対 ロドリック・ストロング

オースティン・エリーズ 対 タイラー・ブラック

ジェイ & マーク・ブリスコ 対 森嶋 猛 & デイヴィー・リチャーズ

石森 太二 対 エル・ジェネリコ

エディ・エドワーズ 対 宮本 和志


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